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West Virginia New Hire Reporting Center Privacy Policy​

Individuals who visit are important to us. Because visitors to our website are important, we do not capture personal information about them without their permission. We endeavor to collect only the minimum amount of information needed to meet the purposes for which the website was created. All information collected on the WWW.WV-NEWHIRE.COM will be treated the same as any written communication and is subject to the confidentiality and public disclosure provisions of West Virginia Code Chapter 29B.

The West Virginia New Hire Reporting Center has provided the convenience of reporting new hires online to employers and through an innovative mobile app. This privacy policy serves as a guide for collecting, storing and using information that could potentially identify an individual user of this website. Such information is commonly referred to as "personal information".

When visiting this website to read pages, submit forms, or download information, logs will be generated which contain data associated with the activities, including:

How is this collected information used?

West Virginia New Hire Reporting Center uses this information to help make the site more useful to visitors. We never use traffic pattern information to identify individual users, this information is used only to generate statistics. These statistics are used to identify general trends concerning the use of this website, tell us which of this sites pages are the most popular, and to help us determine how we may improve this site. We do not trade, sell, rent, lease, or otherwise share information gathered on employers or employees with outside parties, unless specified under West Virginia law.

Email policy

We value and welcome comments and suggestions, to help facilitate this we have a portion of this website devoted to soliciting feedback. When utilized, you will be asked to provide your name and e-mail address. This information is gathered so we can create an appropriate response, in the case where a response is necessary. We may collect, monitor and store your name, e-mail address, postal address, phone number, and other domain-related information. You will always know when we are collecting this information, and disclosure is always voluntary.

The West Virginia New Hire Reporting Center will occasionally send e-mails to employers, which may contain information relating to new hire laws and regulations, news bulletins, new hire reporting reminders, reporting confirmations and other topics directly related to new hire reporting or child support enforcement. E-mail addresses are never provided to any other entity outside of new hire reporting and child support enforcement.

If you e-mail us and include personal information, we may use that information in responding to your request. Send only the information that is necessary to answer your question or process your request. The e-mail is subject to the West Virginia Public Records law. You may provide feedback via our contact us page.

What about "cookies"?

A persistent cookie is generally defined as a piece of data that is stored on the user's hard drive. West Virginia New Hire Reporting Center does not use persistent cookies on this website.

This site does utilize session cookies. Session cookies are nonpersistent, they are only available during an active browser session and removed when the session ends. These cookies only store temporary information in the form of a unique session id. No personally identifiable information can be derived from the session id.

Registration and online reporting

Registration: employers wishing to utilize this web site's online reporting feature are required to register to use the service. Information required to register includes the following:

Online Reporting: after registering, employers may report their new hires using an interactive encrypted form. To report new hires, employers will need to provide the following information on each newly hired or re-hired employee:

During registration or online reporting process, all information is encrypted using transport layer security (TLS). For more information on TLS, please read the section on security.

File Transfer Features

After registering, employers have the option of securely uploading their electronic new hire data files using the encrypted web upload form or by transmitting their electronic new hire data files using the provided secure file transfer service.

During data file transfers, all information is encrypted using transport layer security (TLS). For more information on tls, please read the section on security.


Links to other sites

West Virginia New Hire Reporting Center has links on some pages that will direct users to third-party websites. The The West Virginia New Hire Reporting Center is not responsible for the privacy or policies of any third-party websites with which it provides links to and is not responsible for the content offered on third-party websites. Please refer to the privacy policies of third-party websites, become informed. You are the person best qualified to protect your privacy.

Website Monitoring

To ensure that this service remains available to all users, this system employs programs to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage. Use of this site constitutes consent to such monitoring. Unauthorized attempts to upload information and/or change information on this website are strictly prohibited and subject to legal action to include the Computer Fraud and Abuse act of 1986.


The West Virginia New Hire Reporting Center website operates under State and Federal auditing and security requirements. Access to sections of The West Virginia New Hire Reporting Center are password protected. All connections to this site are protected with transport layer security (TLS) encryption. Transport Layer Security is an industry-standard used to transmit confidential information over the internet and is widely accepted as being very secure. In addition to transport layer security, all stored information is kept encrypted.

The West Virginia New Hire Reporting Center uses its best efforts to promote the security, integrity, and privacy of all personal information that may be disclosed. We cannot vouch for the security of information sent through computers that we do not administer. West Virginia New Hire Reporting Center is continuously updated for enhancements, fixes, and to maintain the highest levels of support, according to industry and internal standards, and best practices for a secure environment.

Our best efforts for security protocols and keeping up with industry standards are our pledge to you.

Changes to our privacy policy

The West Virginia New Hire Reporting Center may, at its discretion, will review and, if appropriate, revise this privacy policy and our website operations. If we do revise our privacy policy, revisions will be posted prior to becoming effective.

Tell us what you think!

The West Virginia New Hire Reporting Center welcomes your questions and comments about privacy. Please give us your feedback!

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